Society Features


If you are a part of a society, let the world know, provide anybody who wishes to be part of your society an opportunity to stay informed.

We ensure complete data privacy and security as its hosted on AWS server. So nothing will slip through the cracks

Mobile app

Application supported on both Android and IOS platforms

The applications are designed by a team of experts from medical, IT & management to make it future ready.The applications we create are simple to use but extremely effective.


Show potential members how advanced your society is.

Keep them informed regarding their registration status at each step of the process.

Complete transparency maintained during registration payment, ensure a smooth process by incorporating the payment gateway right on your society website.


Know in advance who can make it to CME programme, with confirmations from participants through RSVP.

With our onsite registration software ensures that nobody gets turned down the opportunity to learn.

Smooth and secure transactions through our world class payment gateways.


Medicoworld delivers collaboration and communication tools for your society.

We provide you with the opportunity to boost your productivity with the help of a module designed to perfection for every organizing committee and society.


Because office bearers are the representatives of any society, their selection becomes extremely crucial for the efficient functioning of the society.

We ensure unlabored election creation.

Digital Marketing

We are here to make sure that everybody knows about your society and its events, so we will help spread the world via SMS, e-mails, and all other social media

Push notifications in Medico World application for the target audience

Create content for the event marketing which is SEO optimised

Payment Gateway

A payment gateway which offers the society the ability to add members without manual interventions

Our payment gateway is designed in a user-friendly manner keeping in mind your experience